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We posted an amazing before and after photo of our QLD Sponsored Champion Bodybuilder, Arash Samali, on Facebook today! Arash popped in to our Morningside boutique clinic a few days ago to get “competition ready” with a Black Magic Muscle Tan! Arash was looking lean and mean after he walked out The Laser Lounge doors and scored 3rd place in the QLD ANB comp! So here’s a little spill on this FANTASTIC product and why Arash loves it so much :)

What is Muscle Tan?

Muscle Tan is designed to give a deep, bronze tan that keeps developing over an 8-hour period. It also has an innovative formula that enhances muscle definition and body contours to make YOU stand out in a crowd! Muscle Tan is odourless, non-stick and fast drying, suitable for all skin types and keeps skin hydrated and moisturized at the same time. The great thing about Black Magic’s Muscle Tan is that there is no need to use other competition rub on colours, we can go as dark as you need by just spraying on an extra coat (or 2!).

Who can use Muscle Tan?

  • Bodybuilders, gym junkies, models and dancers
  • Stage Actors who require a darker tan under bright lighting
  • For those seeking a deeper, darker and bronze coloured tan!

Why our QLD sponsored champion Bodybuilder, Arash, LOVES Muscle Tan!

“Check out the laser lounge for your base tans. Black Magic Muscle Tan is the best tan I have ever had!”

Why The Laser Lounge LOVE Muscle Tan!

"Black Magic are premium quality tans that are not only easy to apply but will make you looked sun-kissed and gorgeous for any event. For all you competitive body builders, fitness models and dancers, make yourself stand out from the pack with Muscle Tan!" 

For further information on our Black Magic Spray Tans, or to book in at one of our boutique clinics, please call us on 1300 963 962 or email!

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