Birthday Celebration Skin Rejuvenation Competition Winners!

Congratulations to our "3" lucky
Birthday Celebration Skin Rejuvenation Competition Winners;

Jasmin Stone (Sydney)

Tanya Manwaring (Castle Hill)

Tara Collins (Paddington, Brisbane)

Each of you have WON a
$100 Skin Rejuvenation Voucher

at your choice clinic.

Read a few of the competition entries below;

Laser has made me feel a million times more confident about my body!!Having struggled with ingrown hairs and stubble I was always a bit un-sure about getting into a bikini, I was surprised at how effective and quickly it worked! I will contiune to recommend it to everyone!

Laser/IPL makes me feel more confident because I no longer worry about forgetting to shave when I have an event, function or date to attend. I’m also more confident now that I feel so much cleaner, fresher and dryer, especially when sweating it out at gym every day.

Laser / IPL makes me feel more confident and sexy as I know my skin no longer feels prickly - it's always smooth to touch and looks hair free. I love it!

Since having hair removal treatments at the Laser Lounge, I feel so much more confident in skirts. I used to have the most embarrassing 5 o’clock stubble on my legs (something that women should never have) now I only need to shave weekly and that’s only after my first treatment!

Hi Laser Lounge,
I went to Laser Lounge Castle Hill for my first ever laser experience in Feb and all I can say is WOW.  What a shame I waited so long to have laser and wasted so much money on waxing....well NEVER AGAIN.
The results have exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to my next appointment (tomorrow actually) - see you then!! Thank you

After growing up in sunny Queensland and spending most of my weekends at the beach, my skin is now paying the price – at only 22 years of age. Skin rejuvenation laser therapy would help me reduce the appearance of my many sun spots/freckles and greatly increase my confidence.

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