‘Bare’ or ‘Bit’?

Brazilian laser hair reduction may be an option for you if you can no longer bear to be greeted by the sight of your ‘hairs down there’, or are simply tired of shaving and waxing. When first introduced to go ‘bare’ down there by seven Brazilian sisters in New York City in 1987, Hollywood celebrities were the first to trial and admit that they preferred the “Brazilian” over the “Bikini”. Once news spread, waxing salons noticed a fast trend in requests to go ‘bare’ over ‘bit’.

If you’re feeling unsure of what the “Brazilian” is; in a nutshell, the “Brazilian” is when you remove all of your hair in your private parts, whereas hair removal of the “Bikini” refers to removing hairs seen outside of your bikini swimwear! Nowadays Australian housewives, students, busy executives and professionals of all ages have run past the celebrities and are seeking even more than just a regular “Brazilian” wax, they want their hair to be guaranteed to go ‘bare’ and they are opting for laser permanent hair reduction over traditional waxing.

So why do women like to go bare down there?

Some may say they feel cleaner, it’s more hygienic, less maintenance, looks and feels sexier, sexual sensations are enhanced, need I say more... :)

Why The Laser Lounge agree with going 'bare'; less maintenance = more time, hence, “now you can afford to lounge about”! Also, folliculitis; inflammation and infections around the bikini area can be caused by waxing, resulting in painful and itchy lesions! This type of inflammation will later cause a darkening in skin tone and secondary hyper-pigmentation, which let’s face it, who wants to experience any of these side effects again and again and again?

Laser hair reduction guarantees just that! This popular treatment eliminates and reduces hair growth, and at the same time helps diminish recurrent folliculitis, instead offering you a smooth skin solution. Laser treatment will then further assist by minimising subsequent skin darkening, reducing persistent skin redness and decreases the risk of hyper-pigmentation (when treated by specialists). Not only this, laser hair reduction doesn’t pull across the skin, involve any heat or mess and you don’t have to wait for all the hair to return before your next treatment. Woohoo!

Whether your considering to go 'bare' or 'bit', contact The Laser Lounge team today on 1300 963 962! We specialise in laser permanent laser hair reduction for the look, the feel and the confidence and offer professional, friendly and certified Laser and Skin Therapists to treat you with expert and honest advice, comfortable treatments and exceptional results.

The choice is yours 'bare' or 'bit' ?

ZA, 12.11.10

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