Aspect Dr Starter Skin Care New Year New Skin

Are you tired of purchasing skin care that doesn’t correct or improve your skin? At The Laser Lounge we offer our clients corrective skin care, and more importantly, physician only cosmeceuticals that require experience, knowledge and advanced qualifications to recommend. Whether you’re concerned about aging, discolouration imperfections and/or temperamental or sensitive skin we have selective skin care to suit you!

One of our many corrective ranges available at The Laser Lounge is Aspect Dr. An Australlian owned Physician’s Only range, Aspect Dr, incorporates key ingredients with maximum percentages proven in clinical trials to correct unwanted skin concerns.

A great way to get started with corrective skin care is to book in for a skin consultation. Our team will assess your skin, discuss your personal history and work with you to achieve your desired skin goal. They’ll even prescribe your skin care and provide you a step by step explanation on how best to use your products. It’s all very personal as no two skins are the same!

Did you know that corrective skin care is affordable?

That’s right, optimal skin care is not expensive. The Laser Lounge is currently extending a popular offer - New Year New Skin Special (valid to 22.01.14)  where you will receive an Aspect Dr Starter Skin Care Pack + Corrective Skin Treatment and Skin Consultation for ONLY $99!

Your Aspect Dr Starter Skin Care Pack includes the following products:

Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
Key Benefits: Exfoliating, Detoxifying, Non-Irritant and Antioxidant

Active C Serum
Key Benefits: Antioxidant Protection, Brightening, Hydrating and Calming

Exfol A Plus Serum
Key Benefits: Exfoliating, Assists in deep delivery of nutrients, Antioxidants, Refining and Brightening

Resveratrol Moisturiser
Key Benefits: Hydrates, Nourishes, Antioxidant Protection, Calming

This Aspect Dr Starter Kit is ideal for travel, and a great way to test and feel your skin transform!

For further information BOOK in a Skin Consultation today or Call 1300 963 962.

Quick Tip: Always take your skin care with you for your Skin Expert to assess the ingredients, and explain whether the specifics suit your skin!

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