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Bookings with our much loved RN Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Susan, in our NSW clinic locations, are available for you to enjoy... just in time for Spring! As promised, here is our full interview with Susan, a long with her tips and tricks on how to look and feel younger :)

What/Where did you study?

I completed a Bachelors Degree in Nursing at The Australian Catholic University North Sydney. I went on to work with a plastic surgeon for many years as well as in one of Sydney's largest teaching hospitals, spending most of my time in the transplant unit and emergency department.

What inspired you to specialise and work in the Cosmetic/Para-medical beauty industry?

I have always had a passion for beauty, and wanting to make people feel good about themselves. I'm fascinated with anti ageing treatments and the results I have seen when using these treatments. There is so much I can offer people working as a cosmetic nurse consultant. Advances in technology and treatments are constantly growing, and I find it so exciting to work in an industry that has so much to offer my clients.

The best thing I love about what I do is having the opportunity to design personalised solutions to make my clients feel confident and good about themselves.

What is your favourite treatment to perform?

Treating tired looking eyes is one of my most favourite treatments to do because it achieves amazing results. Often times our eyes reflect the effects of sleepless nights, stress, consuming excessive alcohol, bad eating habits etc. My approach is to use Dermal Filler to fill out the hollow lower part of the eye. This reduces the appearance of dark circles. It also adds volume to this area showing a more youthful look. The results can be seen instantly. Also to compliment this treatment, I like to add some Botox/Dysport around the outer sides of the eyes, often referred to as the crows feet. What this does is opens up your eyes, reduces the wrinkles and often give you a slight eyebrow lift.

What are your best tips for looking and feeling younger?

Definitely good skin care products for a start… Products that protect and rebuild the skin.  As we age we gradually lose volume in our face and you will notice more lines. I believe that anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers restores volume and allows the lines in your face to look smooth which will make you look more youthful, but more importantly fresh. And this is what we want to achieve.

To book a treatment with our lovely RN Cosmetic Injector, Susan, at either our Sydney CBD or Castle Hill clinic locations, please call The Laser Lounge on 1300 963 962 or email!

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