AACDS NSW Launch at The Laser Lounge!

AACD Launches at The Laser Lounge Sydney

The Laser Lounge was extremely excited to kick off their first week of NSW practical student dermal training with the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science in the Sydney CBD boutique clinic. Bita Beyzaee, Co-Founder and Head of Client Services at The Laser Lounge, facilitated the training days alongside the reputable AACDS teachers.

The AACDS is Australasia’s premier college established to provide all educational needs in relation to dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing and is the ONLY curriculum recognised by the cosmetic medical profession. The Laser Lounge being advocates for formalised national industry education, are exceptionally thrilled to be working alongside an organisation such as the AACDS who provides such a unique learning environment. The AACDS prides itself in offering practical training to facilitate skill development within a medical setting, under medical supervision whilst providing students with the opportunity to undertake clinical work experience.

Our upcoming physicians and dermal therapists were able to perform a wide range of clinical treatments including Micro-dermabrasion, Clinical Skin Needling, Glycolic/ Lactic Peels, Jessner and TCA Peels, IPL Photo Rejuvenation and of course Laser Hair Reduction.

We were so pleased to receive fantastic feedback from our student models who said they experienced outstanding service. One of these models was an existing The Laser Lounge client, Laura Glynn. Laura has had some skin concerns recently and when informed of the student prices for the NSW AACDS Practical Training component, she could not turn it down!

Like all the student models, Laura filled out a consultation form prior to her treatment; she was then asked several questions by her student teacher, the AACDS Supervisor and of course, Bita. These questions covered the finer details of Laura’s family history, health status, current skin care regime and of course, her present skin concerns. Laura’s skin concerns included blackheads around her t-zone, mild acne around her chin and forehead and general uneven skin tone across her face. It was recommended that Laura try a Glycolic Peel treatment which provides the skin with a smoother texture, lightens pigmentation and creates a wonderfully hydrated and radiant, healthy glow. “I was immediately taken aback by how clean and professional The Laser Lounge Sydney CBD clinic looked. I was provided with friendly service and sound advice and found the whole process to be quite easy and comfortable!” said Miss Glynn.

Laura felt incredibly comfortable knowing that the student model was performing the treatment under the strict supervision of Bita, who is the Head of NSW AACDS training. The entire process took only 30 minutes and Laura left The Laser Lounge with soft, supple and fresh looking skin… “I am so happy with the results of my treatment and will definitely book in for the next AACDS practical training component”.

I personally also experienced a Clinical Skin Needling treatment during the AACDS training session and was incredibly pleased with my results. Clinical Skin Needling works by stimulating the body’s own natural collagen and is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of scarring, redness and hyper-pigmentation. The name of the treatment itself sounds scary, so naturally I was a little bit nervous as a first timer. However, I was surprised at how easy and comfortable the whole process turned out to be; a numbing agent was applied on my face, which meant the treatment was pain less (well for me anyway)! This was how I looked immediately after my treatment and I have to say, less than 1 week later, I have seen a vast improvement in the texture of my skin as well as the redness around my nose and cheeks.

AACDS Clinical Skin Needling Immediate Post Treatment

The full effect of the treatment should be visible in around 6 weeks time, so stay tuned for further updates and photos!

If you would like to experience a clinical treatment during AACDS practical training sessions, please forward your interest onto aacds@thelaserlounge.com.au or call (02) 9894 5665! We are currently taking expressions of interest for our next Student Training Session, which will be held between 10 to 17 September in Castle Hill. Student Clinic Treatment prices are as follows:

Jessner / TCA Peels - $59 
Glycolic / Lactic Peels - $29
Microdermabrasion - $29
Skin Rejuvenation - $99
Hair Removal - From $19 
Clinical Skin Needling - $199

Spots book up quickly, so make sure to get in early!

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