A Real Client’s DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment Journey

DMK Enzyme Therapy Skin Treatment

Okay so we admit, our team of Skin and Laser Technicians just can’t stop talking about DMK! But that’s because we all have years of experience working with skin products and know a fabulous skin care range when we see one! Many of our trusting clients have taken our advice and jumped onto the DMK band wagon and have begun their journey to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin!

So how about we share a recent client’s experience... That’s right! You can hear what it’s like to have a DMK Corrective Enzyme Therapy treatment from the other end (not just ours). One of our wonderful Castle Hill client’s was happy to share her recent journey below;

Firstly a skin analysis was performed on my skin, with my Skin and Laser Technician (Dana) asking me multiple questions and taking notes for my personalised treatment plan. At this point, what I’m most concerned about is pigmentation, tightening of the skin and fine lines.  According to my skin analysis, a pre- exfoliation was performed which was tailored to my skin.  The enzyme therapy mask was then placed on my face, neck and décolletage. This remained on for about 45mins and whilst relaxed and being massaged, I felt a strong pulsating effect on my skin. The treatment was then followed by an infusion of serums delicately massaged on my skin. After this, Dana applied final touches of moisturiser, herb & mineral mist and sun block to complete my treatment.

So what did I notice post treatment? After the treatment I immediately saw a “plasmatic effect” on my skin (these are the red facial veins appearing post treatment).  At The Laser Lounge, this is what we aim to achieve and is an indication of fresh oxygenated blood pumping through the skin to feed skin cells all the nutrients they need to thrive on. It is also an indication of healthy skin blood flow, and therefore, you can expect a faster improvement result post treatment.  It made me realise that this is not just a fluffy facial and instead is a treatment that really works to correct and repair my skin (we do and at the cellular level)! Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth, it also felt tight and firm and looked brighter. Best of all, I didn’t feel oily or greasy.  A few weeks after the treatment my skin still feels amazing and it continues to feel tight and firm. I will definitely be back to conduct a series of treatments on my skin.

This is one of our loyal client’s experiences into the world of DMK Corrective Enzyme treatments. If you want to see a difference in your skin, take some time out for you and lounge about at The Laser Lounge whilst we transform your skin to look and feel it’s best! It all begins by simply booking in a FREE skin consultation! Phone 1300 963 962.

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