5 Reasons Why Exercise Improves Your Skin!

The Laser Lounge Client Sian Jay Excercising and looking great

Whether you’re bright red after a spin class, or sweating it out during your daily exercise regime, exercise is great for your skin! You may be reading this and thinking, but every time I work out I get break outs, my clogged pores appear larger and/or my skin feels dry and irritated! Trust me, you aren’t the only one, and there certainly are many that do experience these annoying concerns whilst exercising!

It’s not solely because of “exercise”, that you breakout and/or feel dry. On many occasions, common concerns arise as a result of wearing make-up during workouts, not drinking enough water (causing excessive dehydration) and not using corrective skin care before and after exercise. For example, if your skin is feeling hot and/or irritated from a high intensity workout, ensure that you spray your skin with a hydrating mist! As skin specialists, we know the benefits of this, and aren’t shy of carrying a spare bottle in our gym bag!

So you now know you can’t use your skin as an excuse to get out of exercising! In fact, below are 5 quick points on why exercise is actually not only good, but great for your skin!

  1. Sweating
    By increasing the activity of sweat glands, you encourage the release of toxins that clog pores and cause your skin to breakout.
    Quick Tip: Wash your skin thoroughly post work out to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.
  2. Muscle Toning
    Strong and firm muscles support your skin to appear firm and elastic. Toning your skin also reduces the appearance of dimply skin (commonly found on the buttock or thighs).
  3. Boosts blood flow and oxygen
    Exercise allows your body’s natural nutrients to improve the overall health of your skin by encouraging blood flow and oxygen to the skin cells.
  4. Reduces stress
    Stress increases hormone production, which can be a common denominator linked to acne. By keeping your stress levels under control, you’re less likely to breakout!
  5. Running towards a natural glow
    As your skin produces more natural healthy oils, exercising does give you a “glow”. However, it’s best to balance out your new “glow” with a healthy skin care regime, including corrective cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums.

Still not convinced... Well check out one of our real Laser Lounge clients, busy and bubbly working mum, Sian Jay (pics above), who works out daily, and maintains amazing healthy glowing skin!

So there you have it ladies and gents! In a nutshell, exercising is and can be great for your skin! If you have any enquiries on how best to look after your skin whilst exercising, please feel free to contact one of our professional and friendly Skin and Laser Technicians via email info@thelaerlounge.com.au or call 1300 963 962.

Happy exercising!

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